Kernel compile sig 11 on RH5.0/Cyrix - SOLUTION!

Kernel compile sig 11 on RH5.0/Cyrix - SOLUTION!

Post by Harr » Tue, 07 Apr 1998 04:00:00

After much milling about, I believe the problem now to be entirely related
to my use of the CYRIX 6x86MX-PR233.

This seems to be an issue ONLY with newer Cyrix PR-233 CPUs, as my older
686L-PR200 and PR150 did not have this problem, and/or the Red hat patches
addressed it.

Not surprisingly, I have received no answer from Cyrix, or RedHat after
initially reporting this, but I found a solution:

My system now hums away with a nice AMD K6-233, and has *NO* problems.

Granted, I am limited by a bus speed of 66MHz (down from my prior 75MHz
with the Cyrix chip. Yes, I know, these can be overclocked, but I tend to
value stability more in a me crazy.)

So, if you continue having problem, getting an AMD K6 is the solution.



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I think I have found a good solution to the sig11 error while compiling the

On my old 386/25 (!) sig11 appeared very often while compiling the kernel.
I made some tries, and I found that by lowering the DRAM refresh period at
15 ns(?), all the sig11 disappeared.
To lower the period I used the dram program from my sunsite cd.
The archive name is dram.tar.gz

Hope this will help somebody.

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