"CUPS Server Not Running" error, but it is running!

"CUPS Server Not Running" error, but it is running!

Post by Casey Brall » Mon, 04 Feb 2002 23:40:17

I have suddenly started having trouble printing from KDE 2.2.2
(SuSE 7.2).

My print jobs sit forever in que, with the message "processing".  
"gs" (ghostscript?) shows up hogging the cpu.  I get the "CUPS
Server Not Running" error message when I try to manage the print
que from KDE control panel.   Oddly, however, CUPS *is* running,
and I can print from text sessions.

I've tried re-installing ghostscript, CUPS, and all the drivers.  
Anybody have any suggestions of what else to try?
J R Casey Bralla
Chief Nerd in Residence
The NerdWorld Organisation


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"lpstat -s" returns:

no system default destination
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cupsd is running, but something must not be configured properly.

When booting, the two printers lp0 and lp1 are correctly identified,
but I am at a loss as to how to troubleshoot here.  The loopback
service ( is up, which I gather is critical, but what
else should I check?

TIA for whatever any of you can suggest.


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