user login defaults????

user login defaults????

Post by Russ Verne » Thu, 15 Aug 1996 04:00:00

     I was wondering if there was a way to change the default in the adduser.  It
defualts to bin/bash and home/user-id.  I was wanting to change it to bin/false and
usr/local/etc/httpd/htdocs/user-id.  When I add a new user you can type all this in but
it would be nice if you could change the default to these values. I'm about to start
selling internet access starting in a couple of weeks and hope to be adding many users
and this would help out.  Also of the subject a little. I'm fairly new to Linux but have
 been using and computers for a long time with some programing. We decieded to go with
Linux in starting our internet business. I really apreciate how people who use Linux
help out others in these news groups several of my questions have been answered already.
Hope that I can do the same as my experience grows. What would you say is the bigest
internet systems as far as providing access to the internet is that uses Linux? Just
          Russ Verner


1. auth default user + login by choice

I have a section of a site consisting of dynamic pages (scripts) and
downloadable documents. Some of the documents are limited to a certain group
of users (needs authentication) while others are free for all. The limited
and the unlimited documents are in different directories so setting access
if done by .htaccess files.

BUT, I want the scripts (which should work for both authenticated and
non-authenticated users) to be aware of the access level of the users so
that only links to the applicable documents will be shows. If a user is not
"logged in" she will only see the free-for-all document while a "logged in"
user should see all.

How do I do this?

Is it possible to have the main directory be part of a realm without
requiring authentication (giving the user a default userID) and have people
log in if they want to? (and keeping the userID when returning to the main

The only solution I've found so far is to have a "guest" account (or use
auth_anon) but then everybody has to log in (as 'guest' or something else).
I don't want to have any prompt for username and password until the user
selects to log in.

Also, is it possible for a user to log out of a realm so that he can log
back in using a different userID?

And, is there any way that a script (perl) can log in a user (into a realm)?
...without mod_perl...
(if so then I could make my own front end to the authentication).

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