Highpoint HPT370 RAID innocent !

Highpoint HPT370 RAID innocent !

Post by BroKnBone » Sat, 19 Jan 2002 15:44:02

I posted my despair in previous threads, in which I described how RedHat 7.2
would not install on my 80GB RAID array.

I use the custom install floppy and drivers from the manufacturer, designed
for RH7.2, and indeed the drive is seen with all existing partitions on it,
I can resize, format... and start the install process, that randomly crashes
after 300-700 MB with a message "abnormal install termination, - recieving
signal 11", then I am prompted to safely reboot.

I disabled the HPT controller in the motherboard BIOS and put a single IBM
60GXP on IDE1. I booted from the CD, autoformatted the drive (50MB for
/boot, 3 GB for / and 1 GB for the swap drive, and guess what, the install
crashed after 500MB. I was installing in grahical mode this time so I cught
some install log before it went down. It went something like :

Starting X 1...2...3...4...5  Success
Abnormal termination...

So it seems it has something to do with the fact X server is installed
correctly, but is not configured correctly, although my VGA card (Asus
V7700) and monitor (Sony Multiscan 420GS) are detected correctly.

I then tried to install Mandrake 8.1 on that sigle drive. The install
process went fine except for one package (ppp something), but as I rebooted,
I ended at the prompt line with the penguin above, but the screen was
blinking for 5 minutes before I got a message that somethzing was respawning
too fast and was disabled for 5 minutes. I logged in as root, started X and
it crashed (modules "bitmap" and "pcidata" could not be found...)

What am I doing wrong ???

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1. Need help with Highpoint HPT370 non-RAID

I'm installing Linux on a system with an ABIT BE6-II mobo with a
Highpoint HPT370 non-raid ata-100 chipset on it.  The chipset works
fine, I'm quite sure, since I've installed Win98 on the drive without

I had linux on a SCSI drive so I'm using that as my base for installing
over onto the HPT370-controlled disk.  I updated my kernel to 2.2.16
and applied the patch from www.linux-ide.org.  There was no option for
HPT370 so I chose the HPT366 option (which I have read in other posts
to be the right option).

During Linux boot with this new kernel, I do see a new "hde" which
correctly lists my new disk's manufacturer and model info.  But when I
get down to the partition check part of booting, I get a long series of
error messages such as "lost interrupt" every few seconds as the kernel
unsuccessfully tries to read the new drive's partition table.  Once,
after a few minutes of this trying, the kernel continued and finished
booting, though the new drive wasn't available.  Other tries since
then, the kernel never quits trying to read the new drive's partition
tables and just keeps giving errors.

Can anyone give me guidance?  Do I need to pass anything to the kernel

Any help would be much appreciated.  Thanks!


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