fsck exit with signal 11. 60 GB maxtor disk. fsck hangs

fsck exit with signal 11. 60 GB maxtor disk. fsck hangs

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I am running Linux linux 2.3.99-pre5 #17 SMP.
Installed new 60 GB disk, ok, installed ext2 on it, ok been
using for few days ok.  32.9 GB used. I was copying a 2 GB
file from another device to this device, when Linux froze.
(33 GB limit problem?).

I reboot. I do fsck on the 60 GB disk, then I get this error
without fsck clearly finishing its job:

"warning ... fsck.ext2 for device /dev/hdb1 exited with signal 11"

OK, I try the fsck command again, now it hangs (for 12 hrs nothing).

I ^C the command. Then mount the disk any way, and it mounts !

not sure if I am now mounting and using a file system that can
be corrupted somewhere.

any ideas what might be going on?



1. Linux fsck.ext2 exited with signal 11

I thought I'd share this story in order my experience with this problem
it into the news group archives.

When starting my Linux box the system had to do a routine file system
due to the number of mounts maximus.  While checking the drive I
got an ugly error:

Unable to handle kernel paging request at vertual address <address>
current ->tss.cr3  etc....

All sorts of memory address dump information and a final output of

Warning... fsck.ext2 for device /dev/sdc1 exited with signal 11

After trying all sorts of other possible solutions such as a kernel boot

disk and even shutting off the offending HDD I ended up running
a DOS utility called QAPLUS.  I set it up to scour the RAM.and

On the first pass it found 7 bad memory addresses on my number 0 strip
of RAM.  A replacement strip solved the problem.


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