Screen refresh rates in X-Windows

Screen refresh rates in X-Windows

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How can I manually tune the monitor refresh rates in X-Windows. I want to
use the same rates as in Windows to avoid getting a picture that doesn't fit
the screen. I have to reduce the vertical refresh rate from 100Hz to 85Hz.
As far as I know, this is done in the XF86Config. Each resolution has it's
own modeline, like this:
Modeline "1024x768"    85    1024 1032 1152 1360   768  784  787  823

The numbers are not the exact rates measured in Hz. Is there a way to
calculate or measure these numbers, for example with a utility?


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Hello.  I'm a relatively new user of Linux.  I'm running Redhat 4.2 w/
fvwm95 and have a Diamond Stealth 3D 2000 video card w/ 2MB of memory
and a NEC A700 17-inch monitor.  I want to run X windows at 1024x768
resolution at 16bpp w/ a vertical refresh rate of 85 Hz.  What files
(I'm thinking the XF86Config file), if any, can I change so that I can
do this?  Thanks ahead of time.

 Takuya Kobayashi
 University of Texas At Austin

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