Second PPP Attempt Often Fails

Second PPP Attempt Often Fails

Post by Robert P. Hansse » Thu, 27 Mar 1997 04:00:00

After running ppp and exiting and at some other times, my serial
line to the modem seems to get into a mode which ppp cannot
access through using chat.  This is always rectified by running
minicom and exiting.  I don't know if it is the modem or the line
that is left in a strange mode.  I suspect the line because my
ppp-off-dialer executes an ATZ.  I once saw a script that called
a serial line initialization program as part of the ppp dialup but
didn't note it and couldn't find it again or find the program at
or the script at the time.  I suspect the answer lies there.  Until
then I clear it by running minicom which is of course inelegant.
Does someone have a quick answer?


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I have set up AIX 4.3.2 as a PPP server, as per IBM instruction sheet.
When the user dials in the error log shows a eror message "failed login
attempt for UNKNOWN_USER".

The user has been setup with a .profile with the
line 'exec /usr/sbin/pppattachd server authenticate pap 2>/dev/null'
added to it.

Any ideas as to why this is happening?  Anyone have further PPP server
setup instructions.  Maybe I'm missing something.....


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