Wangtek 5150ES scsi tape questions

Wangtek 5150ES scsi tape questions

Post by B'iche » Thu, 05 Aug 1999 04:00:00

        I have a Wangtek 5150ES scsi tape drive, its mounted as
SCSI-ID 6 on my Linux system (Slackware 3.9, Kernel 2.0.27pre10. This
problem has always been here. even from slackware 3.1! so I know its
not a new problem.
        When I use the rewinding Scsi  /dev/st0 device I can backup to
tape fine and dandy.  but if I want to ADD a new valume after that one
with /dev/nst0 all hell breaks loose! heres a small example
pinkrose:~# tar -cvf /dev/st0 /etc/lilo.conf
tar: Removing leading `/' from absolute path names in the archive
pinkrose:~# mt -f /dev/nst0 fsf
pinkrose:~# tar -cvf /dev/nst0 /bin/bash
tar: Removing leading `/' from absolute path names in the archive
st0: Error with sense data: extra data not valid Current error
st09:00: sense key Illegal Request
tar: Cannot write to /dev/nst0: I/O error
tar: Error is not recoverable: exiting now
st0: Error with sense data: extra data not valid Current error
st09:00: sense key Illegal Request
st0: Error on write filemark.

        Does the Scsi st.o driver have a problem with a Wangtek 5150es
drive using more than one volume? I don't have a manual for a 5150es
so I cannot tell if this is a problem inherent with the drive or the
software itself. Could someone tell me what the story with this drive
is? It does fsf without a fit. seek and tell work  from mt too. as
does rewind and retension.
        Related to this. how do I physically REFORMAT Scsi tapes? I
have a few that their formats are muffed up and a mt -f /dev/st0 erase
does NOT fix. I really wish someone write a SCSI-tape-HOWTO!!
        After you copy a volume to tape. how do you findout how much
ROOM is left? I had problems with multiple volume tar tapes on both my
Wangtek and my Ditto 800 (floppy based tape unit). tar reads back
first tapes dandy. its the second and third tapes that get out of sync
with first tape. Do I need to specify tape length in tar????

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1. Problem with Adaptec 1742A/Wangtek 5150ES SCSI tape


I recently installed a Wangtek 5150ES tape drive and got problems
with writing files on tape. It seems that the writing of a file
is not completed correctly. When I write a tar file on tape
and try to read it back I get read errors at the end of the process
and the last few kbytes are not restored. So mostly the last file of
the tar archives cannot be recovered from tape.
If I use lager block sizes (e.g. 'tar cvb 64') and write manually
an extra EOF mark after each tar file on tape ('mt weof'), I can recover
almost all tar files without data loss. In that case reading of the
tape works in the usual way as if the tape was correctly written
with consecutive tar commands.
So I believe that sometimes (depending on the chosen block size and
the size of the tar file) the last kbytes are not written to tape and
that in all cases the EOF mark is missing behind each tar file.
The same phenomena occurs when writing to tape is done with the dd

I use an Adaptec AHA1742A controller and a Seagate 3283N disk which
is installed between the host adapter and the tape. I thing that I
have done the hardware installation (termination etc.) correctly.
Despite the problem described above everything works. The speed of the
tape is in the expected 6MB/min range and the disk shows completely
normal behavior.

The firmware of the host adapter is dated 10-20-1992 (revision E).
The bios version is 1.34. The 5150ES tape has a 33678 logic assembly.
I made my tests with several kernel versions of linux. I got always
the same results. Unfortunately I cannot test the tape under DOS
because I have no software for that (and I didn't plan to use this tape
under DOS but now it seems that a test would be nice).

Has anybody such or a similar configuration running under linux?
Has anybody observed similar problems and better solved them, so
that he/she can give me a hint for my problem?
Any suggestions, hints and help informations are welcome.

-- klaus


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