req: Redhat 6.1 CD-Rom/Install help. (Please!)

req: Redhat 6.1 CD-Rom/Install help. (Please!)

Post by Hal Burgi » Sun, 31 Dec 1899 09:00:00

On Sat, 23 Oct 1999 10:57:31 -0400, Prozacdude

>I'm brand new to Linux, but I am experienced with DOS, and I really
>want to learn a new OS.  I heard Linux Redhat was the best, so I bought
>Redhat v6.1.  I bought the RHL 6.1 unofficial release from
> for about $5, which beats trying to download the 660MB
>iso file.  They produce a CD from the FTP download image (iso).  My
>BIOS do not support CD-rom support, but I can install my DOS drivers
>for my CD-rom and can access and explore my Redhat 6.1 cd from DOS. But
>when I run Autoboot from the /Dosutils dir I am prompted to install my
>driver disk(??) What driver disk is it referring to? I have tried my
>CD-rom, soundcard, and old video driver disks without sucess.  If I
>press cancel, I get to a window listing several CD-roms, but mine is
>not listed and I have tried them all with no luck.  Why won't Linux

I think 'cancel' is the right choice. This is a bug in the install.
There obviously is no driver disk.

Quote:>My CD-rom drivers are installing at dos-boot.  If anyone can help, I
>would be most greatful.

There is a chance that you have a really oddball CDROM. One option is
purchase the official RH from for $29.95 + s/h and then
you get 30 days installation support.

You can try the <F6 Kernel> option and then enter something like:


where 'b' is drive designation. 'b' would be 'D:' in dos. This will
force linux to try to mount the CD. This may or may not work. Is there
not a Mitsumi option in the CDROM listings?

Quote:>My system is:
>486\66 DX2 450MB WD IDE hard drive
>40 meg ram
>Mitsumi FX001 2x ATAPI CD-rom

>I have tried these upates from

> updates-RHEA-1999:045.img
> boot-RHEA-1999:044.img
> gdth-driver-disk.img

>These updates did not help.
>Thanks a million in advance.

Hal B

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1. req: Redhat 6.1 CD-Rom/Install help. (Please!)

Put a formatted diskette in a:
           type d:\utils\rawrite
when asked for the imagelocation,
           type d:\images\boot.image
when asked for targetdisk
            type a:\  

HTH :-)

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Kernel 2.2.5-15

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