installation from "Toolkit for Linux" on CD ?

installation from "Toolkit for Linux" on CD ?

Post by crun.. » Sat, 04 Feb 1995 15:18:44

Has anyone had any expirience installing Linux from the new Walnut creek,
"ToolKit for Linux" cdrom.  There is very little documentation on installing
from the CD's

Thanks in advance:)


installation from "Toolkit for Linux" on CD ?

Post by Greg Herle » Mon, 06 Feb 1995 00:43:38

: Has anyone had any expirience installing Linux from the new Walnut creek,
: "ToolKit for Linux" cdrom.  There is very little documentation on installing
: from the CD's

: Thanks in advance:)

It is classic Slackware.  I had Yggdrasil, wasn't happy.  Got Toolkit for
Linux.  Read the stuff from sunsite.  Found the same files on the CDROM.
Did what the HOWTO said.  Worked great.  I really like the install
program with slackware (and that it uninstalls too!).

I recomend the HOWTO - it is also on the CD...  you can mount the CD
under dos and prepare all the boot/root disks from there...

Greg Herlein
Vallejo, CA


1. Unix/linux "installation user" vs MS Windows "installation user".

Hello everybody:

I'm a newbee of linux. Yesterday, I used MS Windows (it's a metaphoric
expression! ;-)). In fact, I use Windows ocassionally.

A fact that I shocked is the facility that any user have in Windows
for install programs rather than Linux, in which the installation
tasks is for root user, or user's with more privileges.

Actually, there is only the facility. At last, this is only a question
of persmissions of user (for example in Win NT "only" a Administrator
can install a program): the _main_ difference about installation in
Windows and in linux is the GUI comfortable aspect.

In windows the majorty of installations offer a GUI "friend" aspect,
such that the young boy (an even a monkey!: we can only say allways
"yes: we accept...") can install any program (well, "any" not, but the
majorty of these). On the other hand, in linux, we can install,
typically, the programs with targz protocol or. if "we have lucky",
with rpm protocol. So there is not any graphical simple way of install
a program.

Essentially, the installation of programs in linux imply that the user
has to have a knowledge of her system, theorycally and practically,
and in Windows, the user can know nothing about what he/she are doing.

I think that one of the purposes that linux user wish is that the
windows user pass to linux. But I think that they will not pass if we
do not make a applet that allows graphical and easy installations:
more windows user never will emigrate to linux if they have to do "too
much" for install a program or if, previously, they have to "study a
lot of manuals of linux and related".

I know what you will say: that the actual installation (specially with
targz protocol) allows to installation user to change any parameter
during this. But for example this is less true with rpm protocol: rpm
installation process is, almost, automatically. Mainly: more simplex
installation is less configurated installation; I'm in agreement with
it. But why simplex installation are, "allways", non-graphical in

Why there is not a graphical applet that executes in background rpm
and that allows to install rpm packages automatically and
graphically?. This actually exists: the rpm executed in X, but I think
that this is already too complex for newbees.

And why not do a GUI interface that executes targz without the
knowledge of the user, that offers a "expert mode" in which we can set
all the parameters that we could, and a "simple mode" for the typical
windows user?

All of these is an ingenuous question. What do you think about it?

Best regards,

PS: Already a newbee user... .

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