telnet -- keymap

telnet -- keymap

Post by Thomas Owe » Wed, 10 Sep 1997 04:00:00

Hello all,

Quick question: is there a way to start a telnet session with a specific
keymap in the command line? I need to enable PF keys when telnetting
to a DEC ALPHA      from a PC running RH 4.2  
to a DEC ALPHA      from a  SUN UltraSPARC running UNIX V

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1. Telnet Keymapping

Thanks in advance for anyone replying on this one..

Most of my work is done through telnet sessions onto a variety of unix /
vms machines. For this i normally use reflection. However having battled
with Redhat 5.1 for a few months(!) i now have a second machine running
and talking on the company network.

Is it possible to define keys so that telnet can send specific terminal
codes to a host?

an example would be sending a VT pf4 code to a vms host
I normally map this in reflection to the minus (-) key on the numeric
Other terminal codes are mapped to key combinations eg VT do (control -
I an (fortunate) enough to support more than a few SQL*forms v3 apps and
being able to configure the linux machine in this way means i don't go
crazy when swapping between my work machines.


David Stien
Oracle DBA 6,7,8

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