efax and LPRng

efax and LPRng

Post by gen » Fri, 14 May 1999 04:00:00

Anyone get the lastest versions efax and LPRng working?

If so how?


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1. HPDJ500C/LPRng/ifhp/apsfilter-LPRng

I've got a HP DeskJet 500C attached to my parallel port.  I've been able to
send files to it via "cat filename > /dev/lp0", so I know I've got kernel
modules, etc. working right.  I've installed LPRng, ifhp, and
apsfilter-LPRng, but I've been unsucessful getting it to print postscript
(or even plain text) with lpr.  I've gotten the files to spool correctly,
but I think I've got some problems with the filter setup.  In the process
of fiddling around with printcap, apsfilter.conf, etc. I've gotten it to
print out a bunch of PJL commands, but on another attempt, I got it to
filter the file through gs, but it didn't print.  (When checked the
filter's progress w/ ps, it seemed like gs was running, but not doing
anything.)  Can someone help me out?

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