Need Advice about upgrading my redhat distribution.

Need Advice about upgrading my redhat distribution.

Post by Cedric Reves » Tue, 15 Dec 1998 04:00:00


I am using version 2.1 yes I know it's old but it works fine.
Now I want to upgrade it.
The machine in question does not have a CD-ROM.

Any ideas about how to proceed ? (in details please I am not that familiar
with Linux).

Thanks in advance



1. Restoration after ELF distribution upgrade - Advice?

I am currently running an ancient <g> COFF-based system (1.2.8 kernel)
and am committed to an ELF upgrade through the soon-to-be-released
Slackware distribution. After the new instal is completed, I wish
to restore all the files from the previous system necessary to
get everything running as before with minimal trouble. As each
of you know, this is never a matter of simply restoring configuration
files, but also whole directories such as /usr/lib/news which are
essential (although *easily overlooked* in such a restoration).

My first attempt at determining which files should be restored
(based upon creation dates) proved to be too tedious and error-prone
to be usable. Therefore, I decided to simply do a somewhat complete
restore over the new system in which only older files are replaced.
This provides a bit of security and requires then only that the
directory structure be pruned to get rid of the unnecessary bits.
Those files which need to be restored manually, such as /etc/passwd,
should be easy to find and restore.

I have then a few problems and ask your advice.

Can anyone suggest a better way to do this?

If not, could anyone point out certain files or directories
to take care with? Libraries are a particular problem here
as it would certainly not do to change links within them.
There must be others.

I apologise if this sort of thing has been discussed to death
in the newsgroup. My only excuse is the lack of news access
in the last four months of 1995 when ELF conversion might
have been a hot topic.

BTW, I also considered the solution offered in the ELF-howto
but rejected that as a possibility due to the Slackware instal
providing a more complete solution to the upgrade (no need to
recompile everything on the system, etc).




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