Which RH7 RPMs contain the system info and man pages?

Which RH7 RPMs contain the system info and man pages?

Post by Charlie Zende » Sun, 31 Dec 1899 09:00:00


I recently upgraded to Redhat 7 intel and found that most of the
man pages and the info pages disappeared from my system.

Which RPMs should I install to recover them?
I have man-pages-1.30-4 installed, but it has very few man pages
(only about 80 in section 1).
For example, I used to use 'man sprintf' all the time, but
now it's gone. What package is it in?


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1. info reads man page instead of info docs


I am trying to read the info documentation for a2ps but when I type

$ info a2ps

the info program brings up the man page instead. I have both the info
and man documentation on my system. Do I have a configuration problem?
Here are the files I have. I am running Red Hat 5.2. Is anyone familiar
with this problem? Shouldn't info bring up one of the info files instead?


/usr/info/a2ps.info-1.gz  /usr/info/a2ps.info-3.gz
/usr/info/a2ps.info-2.gz  /usr/info/a2ps.info-4.gz  /usr/info/a2ps.info.gz


Neil Zanella

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