Intermittent sound after new MB & CPU

Intermittent sound after new MB & CPU

Post by Dr. Fabio Marin » Sun, 31 Dec 1899 09:00:00

Hi to all of you!
I'm having some problems with my Crystal 4235B-based sound card after I
upgraded both my MB (PC&Chips with AMI WinBIOS --> Asus for K6 with Award
BIOS) and my CPU (K6/233MHz --> K6-2 3D/400MHz). In fact, I had to re-compile
the kernel (2.2.9) with MODULAR support for sound card (while on my previous
system I used to compile it directly into the kernel with no problem) +
ISAPNP to get sound. Audio CDs are going well; but .WAV files are a real pain.
It seems that the sound is alternatively blocking and repeating: IOW, no
"plain" reproduction. I'm beginning to suspect that the different speed of the
processor is involved (or not?).
Any hints?
Many thanks in advance,

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