which linux distribution?

which linux distribution?

Post by john limpe » Tue, 14 Jan 1997 04:00:00

I'm new to this.  Which linux distribution would you all recommend

Debian, Red Hat or Slackware?

I want to be able to run BMRT which is a rendering program which needs the ELF



1. COBOL and Linux (Re: Linux Distributions)

If you "web page" it, they will come...

I'm glad to hear that there *is* such an effort; it would be
worth your while to have some sort of web page as a contact point
for people to have a way of determining that activity is going on,
and to provide a way of people potentially contributing to it.

I would be happier if I heard that the plans were to build a front
end *to* GCC such that there'd be no interim C code generation; it
makes things easier to manage when there's not an interim form for
people to twiddle with.  Of course, that's "easy for me to say."

I've put a link on my page <http://www.hex.net/~cbbrowne/languages.html>
concerning "GNU COBOL."

You'd no doubt get more participation if there was an announcement; a "call
for participation" could logically be posted to such places as:
- comp.os.linux.announce
- comp.os.linux.development.system
- comp.os.linux.development.apps
- comp.os.linux.misc
- comp.lang.misc
- comp.lang.cobol

At some point, it may even make sense to contact an organization such as
Cygnus, that has done and sponsored a *lot* of work on GCC, and might well
have an interest in "making COBOL happen."

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