Logitec busmouse problems

Logitec busmouse problems

Post by David Toppe » Wed, 03 Dec 1997 04:00:00


I'm having a hell of a time setting up a machine.  Here's the deal:

- Slackware 3.3 w/ kernel 2.0.30
- Logitec busmouse with ISA card (IRQ 5)
- Intel EtherExpress Pro (IRQ 5)

When the kernel boots, it shows that it is recognizing the mouse and using
IRQ 5.  Prior to that (due to the order of my rc.modules file) it also
loads the eepro driver ... no problem.

So I tried setting the Logitec card to use IRQ 3.  No dice.  When the
kernel boots, it still claims it's trying to use IRQ 5.  How do I change
this?  I've tried things like modprobe busmouse 5 and whatnot ... but I
cannot get it to change!

Additionally, when I run gpm it complains that /dev/mouse (which is a
symlink to /dev/logibm I notice) is busy.

I'd really appreciate some help.


Dave Topper


1. HELP: Logitec Busmouse problem


  I cannot manage to make Linux (or, rather, X) recognise my Logitech Busmouse.
Trying to recompile the kernel with Logitech Busmouse support enabled does
not help either. What to do?

  My system is as follows:

  486DX-50 with 16M RAM
  AHA1542CF + LPS540S
  1.44 + 1.2M floppies
  CL-GD5428 with 2M DRAM

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.


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