Panic! Keyboard problems...

Panic! Keyboard problems...

Post by Conny Lou » Sat, 20 Feb 1999 04:00:00

I've run into a big problem. I've recently installed Red Hat 5.2 on my
computer and something's wrong. I can't use the Alt-key to write anything.
Of course I can modify it so that it prints something but I want it to
work as a regular alt-key. Everytime I boot the computer both Alt-keys are
assigned as Meta-key but even if I remove the assignment for the right Alt
it doesn't work (though it no longer works as Meta).
This is catastrophical since I can't do any programming without being
able to access parenthasises '{}[]'.
Another question...
Is there any way to assign ascii-values to the keys so that I can make use
of the accented characters defined in the ascii-table?

Perhaps I should say that this problem is the same both in and out of X.

Please help me!

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When playing with *new* platform - FreeBSD, accidentaly deleted file
/etc/spwd.db and rebooted. Now can't get into it at all. Is there any way how
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Many thanks



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