Help - Mailboxes

Help - Mailboxes

Post by Blemished Innoce » Sun, 31 Dec 1899 09:00:00

I can send mail from my normal user account to root, but cannot reply
from root to that account (I am root as well - obviously). It says
"user not found". under /var/spool/mail there is only an entry for
root. How do I create other mailboxes? I would like to be able to
avoid using X-Windows.




1. Sendmail, large/corrupted mailboxes, & locking of mailboxes


We've a user on a Linux server (V4.xx) who had some large emails that
came in recently.  when a pop connection is made to reteive the

a) Depending on the pop client, it either stalls on sending the
password, or reports no new messages.
b) The maillog file (updated by sendmail?) refers to this user as a
"kiss of death user" instead of a "user" for the pop connections made.
c) there is a zero byte <username>.lock file in /var/spool/mail,
generated on each pop connection.

Any assistance would be appreciated. I've looked through the How-Tos &
man pages with no luck.

TIA, Stu.
Stuart Summerville      
Project Engineer        
Practel Surveillance Systems


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