GCC, 1.2.13 and _xstat link errors

GCC, 1.2.13 and _xstat link errors

Post by Richard A. Heck » Thu, 11 Apr 1996 04:00:00


        I am experiencing a configuration nightmare.  I have been upgrading
components on my system and cannot compile the 1.2.13 kernel.  Originally, I
had a CDROM distribution that came with GCC 2.5.8 and I upgraded to 2.6.3
binaries.  Then I moved off that system to my current one and tried to compile
the 1.2.13 kernel using 2.7.2 binaries.  I currently have a functional 1.1.95
kernel (without ELF support) so at least I am not totally down.  I just need
to find out how to get around the "undefined ... _xstat" errors.  I think I
have all the binaries to go completely to ELF if I can find a 1.1.52 ELF

        If you can share some insight to the _xstat errors or know of where I
can download a bootable 1.1.52 ELF kernel, please let me know.  My preferred
email address is as follows:

Thanks in advance,

Richard A. Hecker