shutdown and slackware 96

shutdown and slackware 96

Post by Wim Valc » Fri, 21 Feb 1997 04:00:00

Hello all,

I installed Slackware 96 (The green set from december (Infomagic))
To shut down the machine i type:
  shutdown -h now

then power off (when the system replies with : you may now turn off the power)

At reboot, the system gives /dev/hdb1 clean , etc...

then remount read-write

When this read-write remount is done for 20 times (i suppose)
the startup scripts force a filesystem check.

Then i got problems , some i-nodes had a zero dtime.
the fsck repairs this and the filesystem is ok.

So i suppose the shutdown binary or shutdown scripts aren't as good as
they seem when i shutdown the system.

What can be done? Is there a patch for this, has anyone this problem also?

Thanks in advance


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--                                                             --
Steve Hill                                      Mountain View, CA


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