Newer sound card question

Newer sound card question

Post by manchil » Sun, 01 Nov 1998 04:00:00

Greetings folks

Tommorow (31st) I will be doing some serious work on my pc to get it back
up into it's former glory.  I'm thinking of replacing my old SB16 with one
of creative labs new pci cards (thinking the 128 but haven't decided yet).
This will probably be a required upgrade since my old SB16 is the type
with the really large foot pring (ie streches half way across the case)
and I don't think the new cpu fan I'm putting in will have room.

To make a long story short (yes I know, to late for that) I wanted to know
of any issues involving RH 5.1's support for pci sound cards.  Will i be
required to rebuild my kernal???

Thanx in advance . . .

TSR Tier 2