Diamond 56i PCI modem and RedHat5.1

Diamond 56i PCI modem and RedHat5.1

Post by Chris Searl » Fri, 09 Oct 1998 04:00:00


I have RedHat5.1 working fine on a dual boot with 95. In 95 my
internal SupraExpress 56i PRO modem works fine on irq 11 03e8.

I've trolled through the archives of c.o.l.setup and c.o.l.hardware
and found several messages of people who seem to have it working OK.

I'm trying to get a dip interactive session working just to prove the
point before configuring diald up. However, when I try to open the
port it fails on tty_open and dumps dip.

I've tried setserial, same thing happens in dip.

I've tried isapnptools, pnpdump lists my net card and scsi card, but
doesn't show anything about the internal modem, so I can't uncomment
anything as the manual seems to suggest.

I'm really at a loss to get the thing talking to the modem at
all. However, having seen so many people on the list who seem to have
it working I didn't want to buy an external one just yet.

So, anyone any further details on how to get this modem working?

Thanks in advance.