Cyrix 586/120 and Linux

Cyrix 586/120 and Linux

Post by Paul Ingra » Thu, 11 Apr 1996 04:00:00

I just bought one of these for my home machine. My home
machine is a recent PCI 486 motherboard, and I noticed it
supported the Cyrix M1. I was going to buy the M1 586/100,
but I noticed that the 120MHz version was out, so I bought
that instead. As my machine is a quad boot machine (Win95,
OS/2, Linux and NT) this was risky, but I can report success
for Win95, OS/2 and Linux. NT is sulking for other reasons.

I use an Intel Neptune P90 motherboard machine at work, and
I thought you might all be interested to know not only that
Linux is happy with the Cyrix, but how my P90 compares in
performance terms with the Cyrix. I use Norton Utilities
si to measure and the results are quite surprising. SI
reported a CPU benchmark of 224 for the 486 motherboard
containing the Cyrix, the Intel P90 scored 178 on the same

Apparently the Cyrix 586/120 is clock tripled so I am
using the motherboard clock rate of 40MHz.

I'm pleased, and very in-pocket.

Paul Ingram.
Paul Ingram Group Ltd

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Hi all,

                I've just heard of a Cyrix 586 120 CPU + Motherboard which
was selling for $345 Canadian.  I am was quite suspicious when the
same intel product + motherboard goes at about 3 times the price.  I
have spoken to a few people which state that it has some
compatibility problems with some software packages.  Yet all this was
hear-say and none experienced it directly.  Has anyone tested this
board with Linux?  If you have please post your results as I believe
that all would be interested...

                                                Jason Naughton

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