Burning data/audio CD Error Audio

Burning data/audio CD Error Audio

Post by Christophe Zwecke » Wed, 09 Oct 1996 04:00:00


my Hardware:

Buslogic BT948
2xIBM DORS 32160 U
P-166, 64 MB RAM
Phillips CDD2000/00

Kernel 2.0.21  Cdwrite-2.0  xcdroast-0.95 and all the needed goodies

ok - I burned a CD data/audio  - everything seemed to perform well and I
pushed the needed cancel buttons when finished writing - no other way to
get back to the main menu in xcdroast, isdn't it ?

Anyway after I wrote the CD, I looked at the data and everything was
I put it in my home CD player and heard the audio from the Game.
I put it in the computer to play and whe nthe audio tracks come it
Also no software CD-PLayer is able to play the  audio's.

What could have happened here ? I put audioread on 4x speed (the writer
reads 4x and writes 2x)
I choose "all" when choosing the tracks to copy. I had enough HS space.
I choose "big indian" because I use a Phillips.

I don't want to burn on W95 - oh no please !

Any hints and experiences - please reply - I'm waiting desperatly




Hamburg, Germany                      

In newsgroups please reply also by email - thanks


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  (Since digital audio has 44100 sampling rate and mp3 is not, I think it is
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  Please educate me. Thanks a lot.

  vector sigma

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