Help! I lost Lilo!

Help! I lost Lilo!

Post by Minstre » Tue, 18 Aug 1998 04:00:00

I'm an idiot, and I've lost my lilo boot disk.  I'm working on RH4.2 which I
installed off of a CD.  Is there anyway to make a new lilo without
completely reinstalling?



Help! I lost Lilo!

Post by aho.. » Tue, 18 Aug 1998 04:00:00

I can't remember if there is an easier way, but check this out:

You should be able to skip section 6.2 as you have lilo
installed.  I'm assuming that you can at least boot
the machine to linux.  If you didn't install LILO onto
the MBR of the machine, then you'll need to make disks
from the CD.  Info should be on the CD in the dosutils
directory - that will let you use rawrite to make
disks under Windows/DOS.

Quote:>I'm an idiot, and I've lost my lilo boot disk.  I'm working on RH4.2 which I
>installed off of a CD.  Is there anyway to make a new lilo without
>completely reinstalling?

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1. please help - lost LILO, LILO lost


i recently brought my linux system down by doing some stupid thing.
i went as far as having no choice but to reset the system a few
times. after that, i tried booting win95 (sorry this beast coexists
on my hard drives). upon getting the wallpaper on screen, the screen
went blank and there was no response. then i rebooted the computer
and this time the lilo prompt was changed from "LILO: " to "LI"
and the system hung. i had no emergency boot disks ready (it was
under work at that time) but i did have a boot disk for win95 and so
i got the dos prompt with that. however, many directories were
not readable, one of which contained a comm program that i needed to
use. i turned to my good old 386, made a rescue disk and somehow
managed to get into linux again. now everythings works fine under
linux with booting from a floppy but i can't figure out how i could
fix the supposedly damaged MBR. i tried restoring the old MBR by
'lilo -u' and 'dd if=/boot/boot.0300 of=/dev/hda bs=446 count=1'
and reinstall lilo but it didn't work. by restoring the old mbr,
i get a message like 'insert system disk' or something, and by
reinstalling it, i get the "LI" prompt again. the lilo.conf file
is as follows.

# timeout=600

i still can mount win95 filesystems and i think everything is readable,
if that matters. help, anyone please?

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