Linux/XFree on Digital HiNote Ultra 2000 and Hitachi Visionbook Elite

Linux/XFree on Digital HiNote Ultra 2000 and Hitachi Visionbook Elite

Post by Sorin Popesc » Wed, 24 Sep 1997 04:00:00

Did anybody succeed in installing Linux and XFree86
 on  either a  Digital HiNote Ultra 2000  (VTX or GTX) or
on a Hitachi Visionbook Elite   laptop ?

  I would be very interested in hearing any comments,
   reports or problems with the Linux installation and the
XFree86 Config file.

 Thanks !


1. Anyone have experience with Redhat on Digital HiNote Ultra 2000?

We're looking at purchasing a DEC Hinote 2000 laptop and want to know
if anyone has successfully set up Redhat 5 on one.  Specifically, we
are wondering about how the display performs with XFree86 and if you
can get the advertised resolutions (1024x768, 16bit on LCD; 1280x1024,
16bit on external) using XFree.  
        We are also interested in any troubles with drivers for any of
the usual suspects on laptops (keyboards, touchpad, ports, sound, etc)
and especially any information or experience on getting the
suspend/hibernate modes to work with Linux.  

Thanks in advance;

Erik Miller

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