Acer Extensa 670CDT Where's the repair manual (not just a user's manual)?

Acer Extensa 670CDT Where's the repair manual (not just a user's manual)?

Post by Brian Wildasin » Fri, 13 Apr 2001 16:33:20


Sorry for posting again, but it has been three weeks, and only two
suggestions to fix this nonbooting notebook. One suggestion was to take it
in for servicing, and the other to disable the mouse in the BIOS setup.

Does this notebook require a good batter even though it is plugged into the
wall outlet with an ac adapter? I'm thinking that maybe this brand won't
boot without a good battery, which this one is dead, but plugged in anyway.

   Acer's support page for this notebook (They bought Texas Instruments

    The Acer technical articles (all three of them) don't help me boot this

    I've already got the user's manual and specifications notes, but these
stop short of explaining what to do with a non-booting machine, other than
"take it to a service person". I don't mind disassembling the notebook, if
that is required to
fix it. Maybe a loose wire or component? The note book does access the
floppy, CDROM drive, and hard drive, when setting any of those first in the

Here's my boot screen:

CHIPS 65550 PCI & VL Accelerated VGA BIOS
Video BIOS Version 1.1.8 R140.25
Copyright (c) 1996 Chips and Technologies, Inc. All Rights Reserved.
PhoenixBIOS Version 4.05
Extensa 670 BIOS V1.5 R1.08
CPU=Pentium with MMX 166 MHz
Serial Number: 360697T1719
0000640K System RAM Passed
0031744K Extended RAM Passed
0256K Cache SRAM Passed
System BIOS shadowed
Video BIOS shadowed
UMB upper limit segment address: F197
Fixed Disk 0: Identified
CD-ROM Drive: Identified
Mouse initialized

Press <F2> to enter SETUP

I'm not sure which error the owner's manual startup errors best describes my
boot error. The last message to display says "Press <F2> to enter SETUP",
but pressing F2 does not allow entry into the BIOS. To do that I must reboot
and hold down the F2 button. The clock battery keep time. Today it says
04/12/2001, and the notebook hasn't been plugged in for about thee weeks.
The BIOS is not locked, so I have tried these senarios:

Set BIOS to boot CDROM first--but that didn't work with either Win98 or
Set BIOS to boot floppy first--that didn't work either with Startup or Linux
boot disks.
Set BIOS to boot the hard drive--put in a working Linux/Win98 dual boot 6
gig drive.
    (The BIOS recognized the drive, accessing it also on boot, but still
hangs at
    the same spot above).

Here's the official Startup Error Messages from the  user manual:
Disk drive A error
Extended RAM Failed at offset: nnnn
Failing Bits: nnnn Fixed Disk 0 Failure
Fixed Disk Controller Failure
Incorrect Drive A type
Invalid NVRAM media type
Keyboard controller error
Keyboard error
Keyboard error nn   #### This one some times displays, but is fixed easily.
Operating system not found

Press <F1> to resume, <F2> to Setup
    q This message is displayed after any
    recoverable error message. Press
    F1 to continue the boot process or
    F2 to enter Setup and change any

Previous boot incomplete - Default configuration used
Real time clock error
Shadow Ram Failed at offset: nnnn
System battery is dead - Replace and run SETUP
System cache error -Cache disabled
System CMOS checksum bad -run SETUP
System RAM Failed at offset: nnnn
System timer error

None of the above error display on the screen. The CD drive is spinning up
now with the bios set to boot CDROM first. Seems to spin for about 60
seconds then stops.

Any help is appreciated!

Brian Wildasinn


Acer Extensa 670CDT Where's the repair manual (not just a user's manual)?

Post by Brian Wildasin » Fri, 13 Apr 2001 17:41:20


New question!

Okay, after the keyboard and static shield it appeared to be a loose
touchpad cable ribbon attached to the motherboard.  Snapped the cable snug
and it boots! I guess I was wrong about that technical article. Now that the
notebook boots I've got to reset the hybernation with pfdisk, or lpfdisk.

Can I upgrade this Extensa 670CDT with a faster Pentium than this 166 MHz? I
see jumper settings for the CPU and it is removeable. What's the fastest
this thing can run? Can I pop in  a mobile K2, or  PII?



Quote:>     The Acer technical articles (all three of them) don't help me boot
> notebook:


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