HELP: LILO and Linux upgrade

HELP: LILO and Linux upgrade

Post by Marie-France Toup » Sun, 18 May 1997 04:00:00

I'm planning to upgrade my Linux 1.1.59 (Slackware distribution)
to Slackware 3.0 ( Linux 2.0, I think). I hahe a 2G disk drive with:

1st partition 0.5 G: DOS, Windows 3.11
2nd partition 1.5 G: Linux 1.1.59

I want to reinstall Linux like if I had nothing on my second partition.

I would like to heard any good or bad experiences  you
might have doing a similar upgrade.

My main concern is LILO, I couldn't find what is the best option:

1) Should I first remove LILO before doing anything else. But, it's
   LILO 0.11, thus I don't have the "-u" option.
   And I don't like the idea of using DOS to remove LILO.

2) Should I merely skip the steps allowing me to install LILO and
   keep the current version of LILO (will it work?)? This solution
   doesn't really solve the problem, thus I'm back to point 1, since
   at some point I'll have to upgrade LILO.

Also, I'm thinking about adding a third partition, thus resizing the
existing two partitions in order to have a free partition to use either
for Linux or another OS. Thus, I'll like to hear of any OS that could prevent
LILO to work properly after writing to the MBR, since I want to use LILO
to boot any OS I might add.

Please e-mail me for any story or pointer you may have.