Linux configuration, help would be appreciated...

Linux configuration, help would be appreciated...

Post by Julien Salga » Sun, 31 Dec 1899 09:00:00

[ Aux lecteurs francophones, j'ai la flemme de tout doubler en fran?ais,
  donc tout est en anglais;-( ]

>Hi guys.


You posted your message in a french speaking group !
You should have posted in the group comp.os.linux.setup to which I have
set a followup to (the following answers should be there).

Nevertheless, I shall answer too some of your questions.

Quote:>I just bought the SuSE6.2 distribution, being tired of Window98 and looking
>for a more stable and powerfull devellopment environment.
>I'm having a few configuration problems, tho:
>- How the hell do you set up and ISA pnp AWE 64 sound card? I mean, I read
>the sblaster howto, but it didn't work at all, I've been fiddling with
>kernell compilation, but nothing... Anyone willing to lend me a hand here?
>- I finally got my SCSI Tekram controller to work, I can mount my CD (which,
>for some reason, is on /dev/cdrom, no in the SCSI part...), but I'd like to
>see my CD-writter too, and I don't know which dev it's on. Anybody knows?

The SCSI CD-ROM devices should be /dev/scd0 and /dev/scd1 (or /dev/sr0
and /dev/sr1) when used for reading (/dev/cdrom is a symbolic link to
the preferred); the writter device should be /dev/sg1 (or /dev/sga).

Quote:>- Since my stupid winmodem (why did I buy that in the first place???) won't
>work for obvious reasons, I'm wondering what internal modem you guys would
>advise me to buy. I can't even think of regularly using linux without a
>proper internet configuration, and having to boot back to windows is pretty

I have a USR (3com) internal voice-modem (not a winmodem ;-) ) and do
not have any problem using it, but there are other choices.

Quote:>Anyway, thanx for any help. The main problem right now is the AWE64 which
>gets on my nerves, my 2Go of mp3s are just sitting here, and it's really




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