Problems with USR Modem, need help!!!

Problems with USR Modem, need help!!!

Post by Cary Prous » Mon, 28 Jun 1999 04:00:00

I've read the manuals, and parused news groups and still I can't seem to
connect to the internet from RHLinux 5.2. My modem is not a win modem...I
believe it isn't anyway. I have a USR 56K DSP-ES-X2 DFV Modem, it's
connected to com 4, irq 9, port 0x2E8. I am VERY new to the unix/Linux world
so if anyone has a answer to my problem please take this into consideration.
Is it better to connect it via ttys3 or cua3 ? Any info would be very much

Please Help

Cary Proust


Problems with USR Modem, need help!!!

Post by jima9.. » Tue, 29 Jun 1999 04:00:00

I had to run "setserial" to get my modem configured. Once I had the
syntax right I put in my rc.local to run at startup. It works find.

Im not at my Linux machine or I would give you the command I use. Just
check the man page for setserial that what I did.

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I am trying to set up PPP client on my home PC running Solaris 2.5/X86.
Once I figured it out, but did not make note and fresh installed  solaris.
My USR 28.8 sportster modem is on COM2 port(2f8, 3, 11). I can talk to
modem using cu, but tip
does not work. I have down loaded Celest's tutorial but di not get much help.

/etc/remote entries


Here is what I get in tip

$tip hardwire
link is down

$tip hardwire2
All ports are busy.

$tip ins
can not syncronize with hayes.

I'll appreciate any help.


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