Any gentleman to help out ?

Any gentleman to help out ?

Post by Fan Ya » Thu, 19 Oct 1995 04:00:00

I installed linux professinal 2.3 successfully. But I still have
a series of puzzlements. Is there anyone out there to help out ?
Some of the questions were raised and answered. But I found the
answers were not satisfactory.

1. under /usr/bin/X11, there are 4-5 apps with seuid on, they are:
        SuperProbe & xinit
        xterm, rvxt, color_xterm
   The setuid of SuperProbe of xinit is understandable. If you turned
   it off, you will get complaints that you need root permisson to run xinit.

  But is setuid necessary for xterm, rvxt, etc. ? I turned it off. And so
  far it works fine. So I wonder if there is any particular reason that
  they  are setuid programs ? Maybe I should ask the author.

  On unix workstation,  X server can be run completely as user program,
  no need to setuid. How do they achieve this ?

2. What is the convinent way to shutdown the system if xdm is used ?
   I don't want to login as root to do that.

3. during boot process, two messages are printed
        a. No Bios32s present. This release still depends on it, sorry.
        b. /dev/hdb3, disabled multiple mode.

  I am using kernel v1.2.8. What do those messages mean ? and what are
   the implications ?

4. PPP connection:
        I was advised by the admin that I should turn off the modem
error correction and data compression. He said it was not necessary
and actually slow things down.
        But this is what I got with my 14.4K modem:

        a). 1.6k/s transfer using sz/rz in seyon, quite good(w/o ppp of course)
        b). 1.3k/s transfer using ftp, reasonable
        c). ping round-trip time 340ms with compression, 450ms w/o

        Is c) very typical ? The bandwidth 1.3k/s seems to be ok to me because
of the IP overhead. But the round-trip time is definitely too long
compared how I felt using Procomm in Win3.11. There is noticeable
delay between the typing and the echo.

Hope to hear from you, and I will try to post the collected reply.



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20 02 12 00
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