Adaptec 2940W, fdisk problem

Adaptec 2940W, fdisk problem

Post by Thad F. Pec » Mon, 21 Aug 1995 04:00:00

Ok, Ive been following the news postings for several months about
getting an Adaptec 2940W SCSI controller to work under Linux.  I
have downloaded the AIC7XXX patch fro and the
Adaptec 2940 patch from Infomagic.  After I use rawrite to make
the bootdisk I boot up and my SCSI drives are recognized but I cant
get "fdisk" to partition my drive to continue the installation.  I receive
the following error when I give "fdisk" the new partition command "n".

no free sectors available

Infomagic says their patch is only for the Adaptec 2940 not the 2940W.

I would greatly appreciate any help on how I can make this work.

Thad Peck

P.S. Sorry forgot the subject line on first posting.


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I just got Linux unleashed which a contains a cdrom of Slackware 2.2.
With the bootimage that is provided, I can't see any devices (I believe
a problem with the Adaptec 2940W controller).

fdisk on /dev/sda fails. I have been looking around these newgroups and have
tried to ftp from without any luck.

I need some help. What are my options? Any pointers/suggestions will be
much appreciated. Thanks.


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