Redhat 6.0 Install says it can't find my ZIP ZOOM SCSI Card...

Redhat 6.0 Install says it can't find my ZIP ZOOM SCSI Card...

Post by William Damo » Tue, 08 Jun 1999 04:00:00

When I try to do the installation of a SCSI card during initial installation
of Redhat 6.0, and I tell it I have an Adaptec 152x SCSI Card, the install
says it cannot find the SCSI Card.

Doesn't matter if I let it autoprobe or if I enter a command such as
aha152x=11,7,0,1 or whatever that is supposed to be.  Either way the
response is the same...

Any suggestions would be helpful.  Thanks...

Bill Damon, Salem, VA


1. use Zip's Zoom SCSI card or existing U/W card?

I've got a Pentium II system with a BusLogic BT-958 Ultra Wide PCI SCSI card,
a Quantum U/W SCSI hard drive, and a Toshiba 12x Fast SCSI-II CD-ROM.
I just bought an internal SCSI Zip drive, which comes with an ISA SCSI
adaptor, called "Zoom". Should I ignore the bundled Zoom card and put the
Zip drive on the BusLogic SCSI chain, or install the Zoom card and use it?
And if I do install the Zoom card, should I switch the CD-ROM drive over to
that SCSI chain instead of the one served by the BusLogic card?

The bundled Zoom card appears to be made by Adaptec, and people in this group
have said that it looks like a stripped down version of an Adaptec 154x card.
I'm assuming this is a Fast SCSI-II card. Does anyone know?

- Posts here tend to indicate that the Zoom card will work with Linux, using
the 154x driver. Can anyone confirm this?
- Will having the Zip drive and CD-ROM on the BusLogic chain slow the HD?
- Is the Zoom card full-featured enough to make the CD-ROM drive work off it?

Thanks for any illumination...




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