HELP! Lost Linux/DOS partitions

HELP! Lost Linux/DOS partitions

Post by The Extremi » Sun, 20 Aug 1995 04:00:00

I am looking for a quick answer...

I had a hard drive with three partitions:  #1 was DOS, #2 was Linux swap,
and #3 was Linux native.  The master boot record and partition table got
lost.  Is there any way for me to figure out where the beginning and end
of the Linux swap and native partitions is/was?  I am not worried about
the DOS as, well, it's only DOS...

Any help would be appreciated.


PS: e-mail replies please...


1. help - lost dos partitions while installing linux

befor i started i had:
win95 on the first primary partition,boot manager, and 250M free space
before an extended partition
on the extended partition i had a linux swap partition and ~1gig slackware
linux; another 1gig free space; 3 dos partitions; 2 hpfs partitions;1 more
dos partition; and another 500M free space

during suse install i deleted the 2 linux partitions, then the install
prog. asked if it should install on the 2 gig of free space, i say yes,
the install program attempts to create a swap and root partition and then
reports a mke2fs error. after this my dos and os2 partitions are gone.
anyone know if i can recover these? since i don't think they were
formatted can i create partitions exactly where they used to be and be
able to recover the data?

thanks for any help

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