linux with Win95/3.11/DOS on a separate HD

linux with Win95/3.11/DOS on a separate HD

Post by Richard Gu » Mon, 07 Jul 1997 04:00:00


I have a P60 with 8 Mb RAM and a 540 Mb EIDE (I think) HD. I am going to
buy a new 2.5 Gb EIDE HD and put DOS, Win 3.11 and Win 95 in a dual boot
setup. On my old HD, I want to put Red Hat 4.1.

I have read some of the HOW-TOs at sunsite and the Red Hat manual but
they don't go into running linux on a separate HD from Windows and DOS.

I know that what I am doing is possible, but can anyone who has done it
offer advice?

Also, what's the best way to partition the 540 Mb HD? I read that the
BIOS might not like linux booting to a 540 Mb HD if it had only one
partition (since 540 > 504 Mb).

All constructive comments and suggestions are welcomed.


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1. Help Bootquestion Linux Redhat 5.0 with Dos 6.2/Win 3.11/Win95 .

You just may call me Manuel, you know him, that guy from Barcelona In
Fawlty Towers. His famous words are mine right now : QEU? I KNOW
NOTHING! Linux is complete new to me. Ahum newsgroups also...sorry
(like a virgin, i've got a modem for 2 tiny months now..).So if my
message is full of mistakes excuze moi.

Here's my problem:

I bought myself Redhat Linux 5.0 with Installation Guide of course.
This i want to install  on my Pentium 120 Mhz Computer. (32 MB RAM).

I've got 1 Generic IDE Disk, 2.1 GB.
It has a C: and a D: partion , E: is CD-rom.

On C: i've installed Dos 6.2/Win 3.11 and Win95.
In msdos.sys of Win95 i made access to a boot-option Dos6.2/Win3.11 or
Win95. No problem.
On D: i've got nothing. Here i want to install Linux.

Well i've read the first chapters of the Installation Guide, lots
makes sense (i think..), but Installing Lilo puzzels/frightens me. I
can't risk losing boot-option to Dos6.2/Win3.11/Win95!

Where must i install Lilo ;

1.  The Master Boot Record on C: ? Lilo takes over the boot-option i
have made?
If so, can i automatically boot -when Lilo starts- to Dos6.2/Win 3.11
or Win95 or Linux. Or must i configure Lilo. How is this done? Like i
said Linux is complete new to me.

2. I prefer number 1 if it's possible. But gives the Redhat
installation program  the opportunity to install Lilo on a floppy ? My
MBR stays the same, my access to Dos6.2/Win311/Win95 stays intact and
if i want Linux just use the floppy. Is this right?

3. Can Lilo be installed to D:? But my  BIOS gives no access to D: Not
possible i think, correct me if i'm wrong.

4. Or must I use another Bootmanager? If so can you recommend me one.

Number 1 is my favorite, so a answer on that i would appreciate. If
you have the time to answer my other questions, great!

By the way, i've spent several ours on Linux-newsgroups to find a
answer to my questions. I've found some links but my knowledge  is to
little and my fear to big.


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