Montego and sndconfig problems with 'make'

Montego and sndconfig problems with 'make'

Post by LRW » Fri, 25 May 2001 22:55:21

I have a Turtle Beach Montego II sound card (yeah yeah I know.)
And I found drivers for Aureal Vortex 2 which is supposed to support the
Montego II.
When I untar'ed them, I get an asp10.o and an asp30.o.
The instructions say to 'make install', but when I do that all I get is
an error:
***No rule to make target 'install'. Stop.
I've read elsewhere that people have used 'make rebuild' or 'make
rebuild10' but I get the same thing.

Any ideas about that? I have every development package installed that my
RedHat 6.2 came with.

On a side note, when it comes to configuring the settings, under Windows
my card has one set of IRQ and DMA etc, but it also has a SoundBlaster
Emulation in devices with a different set of IRQ and DMA. What's up with
that? Which should I use when it comes time to tell Linux?



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I'm trying to run 'sndconfig' on RH5.1 with no success.
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After trying this dozens of times I entered modprobe manually with
'modprobe sb'
'modprobe mad16'

each of which fails with
'can't locate module sb (or mad16) ' errors.

What's wrong?
Do I not have the sound modules installed (how can I check?)?
Any help appreciated.

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