XFree312F SVGA and Trident 9440 at 640x480

XFree312F SVGA and Trident 9440 at 640x480

Post by James E. Johns » Thu, 05 Sep 1996 04:00:00

I was able to get X312F SVGA to work with my Trident 9440 but only
after learning from this group to use Option "linear".  Anyway, I have
had a problem with X312D, X312E, and now X312F that is annoying.

I have an old 14" VGA only monitor that can only operate in 640x480 mode,
25.2 MHz horizontal 60 Hz vertical settings.  X312A and X312B displayed
O.K., but since then the beta releases all give a screen stretched in the
vertical so that about 5% of the top and bottom of the screen run off the
display.  I can't adjust using the vid tune because the monitor only supports
the standard VGA setting.  Has anybody tried to run at 640x480 mode with
25.2 horizontal and 60 vertical settings?  Is there a special setup that
I should use?  I'm currently just using the example XFreeConfig file to
use SVGA.  Is this just my problem? I never got a reply from the XFree people
about this even though I sent in my Beta Report stating the problem.

James Johnson