Corel SCSI

Corel SCSI

Post by Andrew Elmo » Sun, 14 May 1995 04:00:00

Any suggestions for seting up a Corel LS2000 SCSI adapter w/
Linux 1.2.3?  Don't have the documentation for this card, the
SCSI howto suggests that that the ncr53400 chip is supported, but
don't know the port # or the irq for the card.



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1. Corel SCSI LS2000 card [Q]

Hi Linuxers!

(I appologize if this is the wrong newsgroup for this question - I'm
new to this hierachy and don't know which is where...)

I have just obtained the Linux (Yggdrasil) CD and have tried to run
the system by booting on the Bootdisk. However, I can't get linux to
recognize the Corel LS2000 SCSI card I have for my Toshiba CD-drive.

The chip on the card is a NCR53C400. I have tried to disable the
BIOS but it didn't help. Any (ANY) suggestions are wellcome.
(Yes, I know it's not on the list of approved adaptor cards, but if
someone knows how to make it work anyway, i'd be very glad)


Claus Kristensen

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