RH 5.2 and AIC-7890 Ultra2 SCSI controller

1. Redhat 5.2 and AIC-7890 SCSI

I am in a bind, I purchases a SuperMicro P6SBU with an
onboard SCSI (AIC-7890).
Redhat seemed to install without incident, but then I
started to get CRC errors when I try to reboot, or when
trying to read the filesystem (it seems to boot ok from
floppy).  I don't see the AIC-7890 on the HCL, but have
seen several references suggesting that Linux 2.0.36 (which
is what I have) does.
My vendor "doesn't support Linux " and SuperMicro is
equally helpful (the response I got was semi-literate
telling me to "contact my Linux ").
I tried to contact Redhat, but lost my "support number".  
The system is back at the vendor for "check out"
(installing Win 98 to prove it's a Linux problem).  In the
meantime I'm getting desperate enough to switch back to NT
(and associated licensing, "support", etc.).  
Obviously I'm new to Linux, and unfamiliar with SCSI
drives.  Does anyone know if this hardware will work, and
if so, can a novice fix it?

Thanks for any help you can provide.

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