Q: Does anyone know why I can only use console mode when I enable APM in the kernel?

Q: Does anyone know why I can only use console mode when I enable APM in the kernel?

Post by Anber Ryb » Sat, 15 Aug 1998 04:00:00

I'd really appreciate it if someone could tell me what's wrong :)

When I had Console blanking allowed it would tell me
apm_bios: unrecognized display id
whenever I tried to start a program that acessed graphics (like X11).

I've disabled ALL options but APM support on my laptop, but it remains
inable to run anything other than console-mode apps if I compile my kernel
with APM support.

I'm using an EPS Apex 233MMX or something equivelent (I don't have the manual
nearby).  It uses Award Modular Bios with APM version 1.1.

Oh, my newsfeed is someone unreliable (My isp doesn't know how to admin a
newsserver and I have no desire to bog down my own machine with one), so I'd
appreciate getting an email reply to this :)

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I'm using a Desktop Pentium 200MMX RH 6.2 file server on a small LAN
with Samba; no problems there, but I  cannot get the 20 GB Western
Digital hard drive (or any part of the system) to go into low-power
mode after inactivity.

After setting the BIOS to use APM and a setting of say 5 min. it works
when booting from a DOS floppy, but not in RH 6.2 LINUX.

I've tried passing the lilo of "apm=on" or "off" no difference. I'm
running the apmd. Even tried "apm suspend" and it just blanks the
monitor, no HD sleeping.

Any ideas as to what I'm doing wrong and how to put the system into
"Low-Power mode"?

Thank you for any help!

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