Problem extracting Base2_0.tgz

Problem extracting Base2_0.tgz

Post by Trent Shield » Sat, 07 Nov 1998 04:00:00

Hey people,
    here's one that I haven't seen in the howto's and FAQ's. I'm trying to
install Debian 2.0 from the stable current dir at I've
downloaded all the i386 disk images as well as the base2_0.tgz archive. I've
set up two Partitions for linux as hdb3 - 1gig, and hdb4 -64meg(swap). I've
booted up linux off the resc1440.bin disk and I get through all the hoops
with no problems until it comes time to install the base system.
I've tried to install it from hdb1(fat16),
I've tried to install it from the floppies,
I've tried to copy base2_0.tgz to /hdb3/target/ and then install it from
 i've checked to make sure that all the files come from the same dist. I 90%
sure that they are.
I still get a "Problem extracting base2_0.tgz" error each and every time.

Question: Can I manually extract those files to hdb3? Will the install
program recognize this and allow me to go on to the config?

I'm stalled at this point and I could use some fresh ideas. I'm new to linux
and this may have some bearing on my missing something here.

Any help will be appreciated.



1. ERROR extracting BASE 2_1.tgz

i have the intall floppy working i have a hdb2 linux ext2,
a 250 linux swap partition , and we get to intalling the base system.
i tell it that the file is located on the harddrive hdb1, which is
dos, it starts to install and suddenly stops and gives an "error
extracting base2_1.tgz. and goes back to the setup index.
any suggestions? the base file is 9.9 megs.
could it have been damaged while i was partitioning and i should
download anoterh base2_1.tgz file?
what could cause an error in extracting?

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