Why doesn't the GnoRPM screen show up

Why doesn't the GnoRPM screen show up

Post by Shashank Khanvilka » Wed, 17 Jul 2002 07:07:15

I need to install some packages and i am using the GnoRPM for this. However
the screen for this application does not show up even after i enter the root
The DISPLAY variable is properly set and the packages are up2date'ed..

1. X doesn't start, instead shows a grey screen

Hi, I'm relatively new to linux and X, and recently I accidentally (and
mindlessly) shut down linux using ctrl-alt-del, which was a really bad idea.
After that, my linux still started, but because I configured to let X start
automatically, X would start load up after Linux's loaded, and it would give
me a grey screen with mouse enabled, but it would not give me the login
screen any more and I don't know how to get out of this screen.  How can I
return to console mode and re-configure X? Or do I need to reinstall X
server etc. (or worst, my Linux? I've got too many customized
option/software to give up already).

Thanks a lot if any of you would kindly reply to this mesg!


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