Installing Frontpage 98 Server Extensions

Installing Frontpage 98 Server Extensions

Post by Keith Kno » Fri, 27 Mar 1998 04:00:00

Running RedHat 5, kernel 2.0.32, apache 1.2.5

I have a large number of ignorant users (including upper management)
who would like to publish on our intranet without learning html.  I've
suggested Word 97, but have been asked to look into Frontpage 98.  I
downloaded the newest tar file from Microsoft and attempted to install
it on a clean test system and had tons of problems....
It wants the config directory under the document directory,  has
trouble loading httpd after it is upgraded to apache-fp, and I can't
tell it that the logs are under /var/log/httpd instead of

Anyone have experience with this?  Microsoft isn't very responsive, or



1. FrontPage 98 extensions install on Apache 1.3.0 but don't work

Hi everyone,

Does anyone know if the current FrontPage 98 extensions are supposed to work
on the latest Apache 1.3.0?

(let me preface by saying it's been 10 years since I last saw Unix (SunOS)
and I'm just getting back into it so please pardon any stupidity)

I just installed Apache 1.3.0 on RedHat Linux 5.1.  Connected to server,
working find.

Then I downloaded & installed the latest FrontPage 98 extensions from
Microsoft's site.  Seemed to go OK except for one point when it insisted on
locating srm.conf in /usr/local/apache/conf instead of
/usr/local/apache/etc.  But I created a link and then it was OK.

The .txt file created by FP says all is well, installed successfully.
Stopped and restarted the server, still works.  But the FP extensions don't.

When I try to open my web thru FrontPage 98(b), I get the following error:
HTTP error 404, can't find /_vti_bin/shtml.exe/_vti_rpc

Now, I have an shtml.exe in my /vti_bin/ directory, but it's a file, not a
directory itself, so no such subdir /_vti_rpc.

I then ran Microsoft's script just to see if that would
help, but it installs an older version of httpd, I guess, which completely
screwed up my server.  Won't even load.  So now I'm looking at a reinstall.

Any ideas?  Should I go back to Apache 1.2.6 or 1.2.5?  Can I make FP98 work
with 1.3.0?

Thanks everyone!

Terry McKiernan
ARES Development Group

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