Micro$oft hack attack

Micro$oft hack attack

Post by Batchma » Sun, 29 Oct 2000 18:31:53

Microsoft recently had a hacker attack of its own.
Sources say some code of their upcoming projects
was viewed.  The thing that bothers Bill Gates the
most about it is that he's afraid the hackers will
fix the bugs and release a version of Windows that
actually works.


1. Micro$oft sound card problems.

Hi all,
        I have a microsoft sound card (says microsoft right on it) that I have
used successfully for the last year with 1.2.13 and the sound drivers
that came with it at the time.  (I believe it was still voxware in those
days.)  These came from RedHat 3.0.3 from their Running Linux companion
        I recently upgrade to 2.1.16 (and subsequently .17) to correct some net
problems, but now I am having sound card difficulties.  It still plays
to be sure, but the volume is so incredibly low that even with my stereo
cranked all the way up it is a strain to hear anything.
        Here is a copy of my /dev/sndstat, I have the OPL's configured (despite
that I don't know if they work) only because they have no effect on the
output.  I'm sure they are not the problem.

        I've tried every mixer program that exists on sunsite and while they do
have an effect on the volume it is still not enought to be of value.  I
am a music composition major and use my computer extensively for my
music and need badly to get this problem solved.

Thank you in advance for your help.  If you can think of any suggestions
I would appreciate it if you could mail them to me also just so I don't
miss them.

Thanks again,

``Work for something because it is good,
  not just because it has a chance to succeed.''
  -Vaclav Havel

Michael Litherland

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