Cabletron e2100 - "bogus packet size..."

Cabletron e2100 - "bogus packet size..."

Post by tkl.. » Sat, 22 Jun 1996 04:00:00

refuses under Linux.  During bootup, get messages that the e2100 driver is loaded
(irq 11, 0x380, d0000), but get no response from it.  In the message file (/var/adm)
are alot of lines saying "eth0: bogus packet size: ##".  Conflict with my Ensoniq
sound card???  IRQ conflict???

Have read the faq's, and how-to's - to no avail!!  The damn thing refuses to work
no matter what I do.

Any ideas, hints, suggestions (aside from buying another ethernet card!)?????


Trevor Kludt
Anthropological Research Center
UTEP, El Paso, TX