changing the font size globally

changing the font size globally

Post by peter_sa.. » Sun, 31 Dec 1899 09:00:00

I have installed RH 6.1 with Gnome. But the fonts are to small. Apart
from changing the font size in the x-apps individually, is there
a way to do a global change ???

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Every now and then the font size in *all* my KDE applications and taskbar
(including the clock) is smaller than usual. The screen resolution surely
is the same. And when I log off and log in again, everything is back to

In fact I like being able to globally decrease/increase the fontsize
whenever I need it. Maybe by accident I sometimes hit some key combination
that does that for me? If yes: what is that key combination?

SuSE 8.1
KDE 3.0.3


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