Colorado T1000 & FC20

Colorado T1000 & FC20

Post by russel » Thu, 13 Aug 1998 04:00:00

granted it's a dinosaur but has anyone had any luck getting Linux to
the FC 20 and have it work with the T1000 TR-1 Travan drive? i'm just
ready to can it for the Syquest Sparq.
my FC20 is on IRQ6, DMA7(for fast transfers) and IO 0x210-0x217.
taper can't deal with it-even with QIC-80 tapes.
BRU is clueless.
or am I?

russell scotka

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1. Colorado Jumbo 700 and FC20 controler - HELP!

I am trying to make a Jumbo 700 with a FC20 controler work
with Linux.  It works on the Win95 side of the machine but
not on the Linux side.  I think the question I need to start
with is "What is the major/minor - or how do I figure that out".


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