linux on the Emachines eOne a call for aid

linux on the Emachines eOne a call for aid

Post by Bill Ber » Sun, 31 Dec 1899 09:00:00

I know that there are at least 3 people out there trying to get Linux running
on their eOne. Why not? This would be the perfect little Linux box. It's got a
full lineup of ports including USB, PCMCIA, parallel, serial, ethernet. A
433 MHz Celeron, about 6 GB of hard drive, etc.

Sure, you're not gonna use it as a e-commerce server, or model nuclear
explosions, but it'd be a great platform for doing some basic stuff, a little
StarOffice, some Gimping around, email, web browsing...

Mandrake installed for me just fine if you wanna go CLI, which I will have to
unless someone can help me, and the others trying to X to work with this

Here's what I know:

It's got an ATI Rage XL 3D video card (more than likely on the motherboard,
rather than a separate card) with 8MB video SDRAM. (which may or may not be
true, depending on how honest Emachines is. It could be a righteous 8MB, or it
could be 4MB and including another 4 through AGP. Or some other such)

Xconfigurator wants to use the Mach64 server. The monitor control under win98
mentions Mach64 GT with an internal DAC. I don't think it's an Xserver problem
though, since this video chipset seems well supported by XFREE86. Also, if you
use XF86Setup, it actually fires up X. I think it uses the VGA16 server.

I think this is a monitor problem, though I'm probably wrong. When I set
everything up according to normal procedures, I get the a blank screen with
the little on/off button blinking amber/green, what I think you'd get if it
went into suspend mode in win98.

Well, I know that I don't know enough to successfully troubleshoot this, and I
sure can't write a driver. So I guess I'll have to settle for a work around.
Since XF86Setup manages to successfully run X using the VGA16 server, should I
try to use a more generic server. Or is there something I can do setting up
the monitor.

I'm using Horz 57.1, 60.0, 63.7 and Vert 50-160. in my XF86Config file. Here's
the monitor specs

15 inch CRT (260mm (H) * 195mm (V) display size)
0.28 dot pitch, non-glare & MPR II
Input signal

R,G, and B analog, 700mVp-p, and 75 Ohm impedence video signal 3 mode (57.1,
60.0, 63.7 KHz) frequency, TTL level, and positive & negative  horizontal
synchronous signal

50-160Hz multiscan, TTL level, and positive & negative vertical synchronous

maximum 1024 * 768 resolution

Power rating
AC 90~264V voltage
50Hz plux/minus 3hz, 60 plus/minus 3Hz freqency
120W power consumption



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