need help ET6000/Interlace 1024x768

need help ET6000/Interlace 1024x768

Post by Eric Ulme » Fri, 17 Oct 1997 04:00:00

I've got a STB Lightspeed 128 (ET6000), an IBM8507 Mono 21" Interlace
and a 14" SVGA Interlace color monitor I switch between. The accel
driver seems
to ignore my XF86Config pleas for interlaced modes. Does anyone else out
run Interlaced 1024x768 with a ET6000? Email me if you know a fix, and
post too!


1. Need help configuring X with 1024x768 interlaced on cheap monitor

I've tried it all, the standard 1024x768 interlaced given, bunch of guess
with the help of modegen2. And some swag's based on what works with 800x600.
But nothing seems to work.

I've got a generic et4000 card, and a fixed frequency mono-vga monitor. This
state-of-the-art :) setup will do 1024x768 interlace in ms-windoze no problem,
so I'm assuming it can be done within X.

Surely someone has been down this path before. If not, is there a way to
determine what ms-windoze uses for parameters, and correlate them to
my Xconfig?



(ps: I'd post this to one of the Xfree groups but our server doesn't know about
any of them)

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